User interface

The UVIScan® Under Vehicle Inspection software provides an operator friendly user interface, from which the guard can inspect all the collected vehicle data in one glance. The user interface provides various options to further inspect the underside image, and/or to add relevant information manually to the file.

User interface

Our unique UVIScan® Under Vehicle Surveillance Technology provides the operator with crystal clear images, and can zoom in up to a size of 5 mm (0.2”). This facilitates the fast and efficient detection and analysis of suspicious objects.
User interfaceUser interfaceUser interfaceUser interface

All the data collected by the UVIScan® system is automatically stored under a time stamp. If the UVIScan® system comprises Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), the UVIScan® system automatically stores the image under the vehicle license plate number AND time stamp. The operator and Security Officer can easily find back all data.

In case of recurring vehicles, the software provides the possibility to automatically compare the current underside image with an already archived one of the same vehicle in order to identify potential deviations at a glance (UVIScan® Automatic Comparison).

UVIScan® - leading technology.

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