Under Vehicle Screening System

Are you still checking vehicles with a mirrow on a stick? Or a another handheld device? Depending on human beings and having no capability to track the search results? We have news for you!

Our UVIScan Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) is offering you the most advanced technology to identify threats under and inside vehicles. Designed to provide crystal clear, unbeaten quality images, day and night, at a speed up to 40 km/h. Designed to find radio-active objects hidden INSIDE a car. More info Designed to find stowaways hidden under a truck. More info

Protect your world!

Under Vehicle Screening System

UVIScan technology is specially designed for Under Vehicle Scanning, where colour hardly exists. Our UVIScan Infrared LED Technology is not visible for the human eye, and can therefore not attract attention of criminals, terrorists and/or snipers. Furthermore, by using Infrared Technology we avoid overexposure caused by sunlight. The ruggedized UVIScan LED design is modular and specially designed to be able to scan both normal vehicles and trucks. More info

LINUX OS based

Our UVIScan PRO with pre-installed LINUX OS offers many advantages versus other systems, which often freeze due to overload which typically happen with Windows based systems

Better stability than Windows

No need for anti-virus

No unwanted updates

Low energy consumption

The LINUX based UVIScan software provides a user friendly interface. The security staff can easily operate the system, and thus detect potential threats in a very efficient and high quality manner. More info

UVIScan Options

The UVIScan Under Vehicle Screening System offers many tools to facilitate detecting the danger:

Integrated ANPR and DFC More info

Stowaway detection More info

Under Vehicle Screening System

The UVIScan PRO Under Vehicle Screening System is available with a UNIQUE additional module which is capable of detecting Magnets which are used to hold Contraband and/or Explosives to the underside of vehicles. The UVIScan PRO Under Vehicle Magnet Detection System (MDS) comprises a linear array of magnetic field sensors, built into the MDS Sensor Bar. Each sensor is capable of detecting magnetic fields and is connected to the UVIScan Processing Unit (PU) with special analysis software. The UVIScan PRO Under Vehicle Magnet Detection User Interface is integrated into the existing UVIScan User Interface. With a toggle switch, the Magnetic Fields can be displayed for detection purposes and indication of the location of the source. For more info click here