UVIScan PRO is the most advanced and reliable Under Vehicle Inspection system available worldwide. Read all about UVIScan PRO:

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Detect the danger!

Are you still checking the underside of cars for explosives with a mirror on a stick? We have news for you! Check out our UVIScan PRO Under Vehicle Inspection System, the most advanced and widely used system to check all the vehicles for Contraband.

Designed to provide crystal clear, unbeaten image quality, day and night, at a speed up to 40 km/h. Professional, with high accuracy and efficiency. All data is retrievable, ideal for Security Management to check and analyze. Proven technology, designed to operate at the harshest environmental conditions. Including Heavy Duty Cover, tested by TUV in Germany. Available with advanced features such as Magnet Detection System (more info) and Radiation Detection (more info)

Check out below what our customers have to say about UVIScan PRO:


Crystal clear, unbeaten image quality of the underside of the vehicle

Optional integrated PlateCatcher ANPR, for all license plates in the world. More info

LINUX based OS for better stability, no need for anti virus, no unwanted updates
Fanless Processing Unit with passive cooling, no more problems with dust in the PC

Additional workstation, Central Server, Redundancy Server are available. More info

Available with Automatic Comparison to identify unwanted objects

Available with UVIScan Gamma to identify “dirty bombs”. More info

In-Ground and Surface Mounted, TUV tested Heavy Duty Cover to protect the Scanner. More info

Optional integrated Driver Face Capture, side view or through windshield. More info

Area Scan technology, no “striping” when a vehicle stops on top of the scanner

Possible to connect up to 4 Scanners per workstation. More info

Infrared Technology, can filter against overexposure due to sunlight and/or reflections

Available with Magnet Detection to identify “sticky bombs”. More info

NEW! Ideal to detect STOWAWAYS hidden under trucks. More info





A&E specification sheet Available on request