Scanning Unit
Line Scan vs Area Scan Technology
Infrared Technology
Colour versus Greyscale
Processing Unit
LINUX based OS

Scanning Unit

The UVIScan PRO Scanning Unit is specially designed for producing the highest possible quality under vehicle scan. In contrast to other systems, our UVIScan Area Scan technology is not affected by vehicle speed variations during the scanning process.

The vehicle may even, during the scanning process, stop on top of the scanner for several seconds, this will not lead to deformation (“stretching”) of the scan image. Our UVIScan PRO illumination is specially designed to scan both cars and trucks, in different heights and widths.

The stainless steel housing is very robust and has a tailor-made cover in special high impact resistant material. It also has heavy-duty industrial connectors with a rated seal. The scanner weighs only 21 kg (46 lb) and has a handle for easy carriage by hand. It can be installed in-ground and surface mounted, for more information click here.

UVIScan PRO light weight Scanner, with state-of-the-art technology inside!

Line Scan vs Area Scan

Line Scan records only lines (1 dimension)

Therefore it will provide a “Stretched” image (as shown) when vehicle stops on top of the scanner

The image will also deform substantially due to speed variations

Above effects have a negative influence on Automatic Comparison

Area scan records area frames (2 dimensions)

Therefore, Area Scan technology can compensate for speed variations

Even when vehicle stops on top of the scanner there is no deformation of the scan

Speed variations have no impact on Automatic Comparison

Conclusion: For under vehicle inspection, UVIScan's specially developed Area Scan technology has many advantages over Line Scan technology

InfraRed Technology

In contrast to most other systems, our UVIScan PRO technology offers you the most advanced Near InfraRed (NIR) illumination and camera technology.

Near InfraRed (NIR) technology offers the following advantages:

1) Avoid overexposure of the camera due to sunlight (as with white light technology)

2) Images have higher contrast and sharpness as with white light technology.

3) Not visible to the human eye, and can therefore not attract attention of criminals, terrorists and/or snipers.

Conclusion: Near InfraRed (NIR) technology is the best available technology for Under Vehicle Inspection systems

Colour vs Grey Scale

Colour Under Vehicle Image

- Need white light illumination for colour images;

- This will often lead to overexposure of the camera due to sunlight;

- White light is clearly visible to human eye and can attract snipers;

- During night time, the system will create a lot of (unwanted) light;

+ White light technology is less expensive than Infrared technology

GreyScale Under Vehicle Image

+ Can use superior infrared illumination technology

+ Can filter against sunlight, no potential problems with overexposure

+ Has higher contrast and sharpness

+ Illumination is not visible to human eye (f.i. snipers)

- Cannot distinguish any colours


We recommend InfraRed / GreyScale technology because of it's many advantages. Our standard UVIScan technology includes InfraRed / GreyScale technology.

If specifically requested, we can provide colour systems with white light illumination.

Invert Function

Comparable to the user interface for X-Ray systems, UVIScan PRO includes an “invert function” to facilitate the detection of contraband and unwanted objects, hidden under the vehicle.

Select "Invert" to try!

  • Normal
  • Invert

Processing Unit

The UVIScan PRO Processing Unit is an advanced, state-of-the-art technology industrial grade computer, which is tailor made for the UVIScan Under Vehicle Scanning technology.

Due to the low energy consumption with LINUX OS, we have chosen for passive cooling technology. Therefore, the system does not require a cooling fan and does not attract dust into the computer.

The Processing Unit has an aesthetical design industrial chassis in brushed aluminum and external cooling ribs.

UVIScan PRO technology - No more electronics broken due to dust accumulation, no more broken fan!


Our UVIScan PRO with pre-installed LINUX OS offers many advantages versus other systems, which often freeze due to overload which typically happen with Windows based systems:

  • Better stability than Windows
  • No need for anti-virus
  • No unwanted updates
  • Low energy consumption

Summary / Advantages

Light weight, robust high impact resistant Scanning Unit.
Area Scan technology, speed variations do not affect the quality of the scan;
Vehicle can even stop on top of the Scanning Unit, no “striping “ effect as with line-scan technology;
Standard available in Infrared LED illumination / Grey Scale Scan technology to avoid problems with overexposure due to sunlight and light reflections;
Also available in white light LED illumination / Colour Scan technology;
Including INVERT function to facilitate identification of contraband;
FANLESS UVIScan Processing Unit (PU), with passive cooling system, no more electronics broken due to dust accumulation, no more broken fan!

UP TO 4 LANES can be connected to 1 single PU; Takes less space, No need for Central Server. More info

However, a UVIScan Central Server (link to options) is available for larger installations, as well as a Redundancy Server. More info

It is possible to have an additional UVIScan workstation, for instance in the central Control Room;
Optional with FIBRE OPTICS connectors for long distances;
Pre-installed LINUX OS for much better stability; No need for anti-virus, no unwanted updates; Low energy consumption;


UVIScan PRO Datasheet

Scanning Unit Available on request

UVIScan PRO Datasheet

Control Unit Available on request

UVIScan PRO Datasheet

Processing Unit