Under Vehicle Inspection System lay out

UVIScan® Under Vehicle Inspection System comprises a UVIScan® Under Vehicle Scanner, UVIScan® Server and Workstation, and special UVIScan® connection cables. The UVIScan® Under Vehicle Scanner is placed in a stationary outer housing with Heavy Duty Cover for fixed installations, or in a mobile set up with rubber pads or aluminium ramps. The Under Vehicle Scanner has a special high resolution UVIScan® Camera for Under Vehicle Scanning Technology, a mirror and an Infrared LED illumination unit. During the scanning process, the camera captures the entire underside of a vehicle in moving traffic.

Under Vehicle Inspection System lay out

In order to display the scan image to scale, different heights of undercarriages (car/truck) as well as the vehicle length are taken into account. The scan image is then displayed as high-resolution image on the user interface screen. To simplify the correlation between the underside images and the corresponding vehicles, an optional UVIScan® front-end image capture camera, a UVIScan® Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), and UVIScan® Driver Face Capture (DFC) are available.

In addition, we can offer UVIScan® with extra options such as:
  • License plate recognition
  • Central Server
  • Additional Workstation
  • Automatic Comparison (click here for an demo video of our Automatic Comparison technology)
  • Various types of vehicle guidance
  • Various types of start – and stop sensors
  • Traffic Light

UVIScan® - leading technology.

Datasheet: System Layout