Case studies

Explosive Attached with MAGNET
On July 2, 2016, an extremely powerful explosive was discovered under the car parked at the Amsteldijk in Amsterdam. The explosive was attached with a strong magnet to the bottom of the car. According to the Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI), the explosive had the power of forty times a hand grenade.

If it had gone off, there would probably have been more dead and seriously injured. The ravage was huge and the adjacent restaurant - where Kok was eating that evening - would have been damaged.

More information at: Nu.nlUVIScan® Under Vehicle Inspection Systems are now available with an additional module which is capable of detecting Magnets which are used to hold explosives to the underside of vehicles:

Case studiesCase studies

The UVIScan® interface will indicate the strength of the magnetic field:

Green = low
Yellow = medium
Red = high